Lord of Decay, Master of Misery, the Rat-God, Lord of the Sewers
Lawful Evil
The Darkest Pit

Agonis and his followers include many evil humans bent upon the end of civilization, though Agonis' main support comes from the wererats that live off the refuse of humanity. His shrines and temples can be found in nearly every refuse pit in the human lands and under every major city. Misery City, where his power is greatest, lies under the sewers of Paran and holds the Darkest Pit. The Darkest Pit is the command center of the priesthood and has many of the Miserate, temple priests, led by the Dreary Pit Master. Outside the temples are the Anarchists, priests and followers of Agonis who infiltrate towns, villages and cities bringing about ruin and quickening the inevitable decay of civilization. The clergy of Agonis is spread throughout the lands and gain followers all the time, since many seek easy power at the expense of others, and few of those not in control are willing to accept their domination peacefully and willingly.