The Undeath, Master of the Undead, Necromancer Lord, Skeleton Visage
Neutral Evil
Black Cloud Altar

Considered the patron of the Black Tower, Askilin is the lord of necromantic magic and the undead. His priests are called Necrolics, those who work in the temples, or True Necromancers, those who use both wizardly and unholy magic of death. The Skeletal Hand, Askilin's High Priest, lives atop the Blackened Tower, maintaining the Black Cloud Altar, directing the unholiest of wizards and advising the Master of the fell Tower. The Necrolics are spread through every Tower of Darkness and maintain temples in the towers. In Shadespride, the Temple of the Burning Skull directs His following since no Tower is present in the city. The True Necromancers are scattered through the lands, many have towers of their own where the magic of the dead is studied, learned and taught. Packs of undead defend the towers and temples, always controlled by one of Askilin's clergy, since they exhibit a higher level of control and can command far greater numbers of the vile creations. His followers can be found among every race and class of the citizens. Petty thieves trade in organs and bones; the rich perfect their undead guardians and vile traps; wizards and unholy necromantics study the nature of death and the creation of stronger and more evil monstrosities. Askilin's temples and shrines are hidden in even the most pious neighborhoods and range from huge underground complexes to small alcove shrines, but the most powerful of his followers seek no congregation or following, focusing on the ideal of eternal immunity to the permanence of death.