Mistress of the Winds, Lady of the Airy Wastes
Chaotic Neutral
Sky's Edge

The Lady of the Wind is called by many names in many tongues. Among the elementals she is known as Azarsh, the sylph call her Air Mother as do the fey that follow her. The djinn call her Derzane and ascribe the dervishes and sandstorms to her. The winds of the fall season are her reminder to the world none can survive without the air. On her plane, The Airy Wastes, air elementals and mephits along with many air dragons swirl through the bottomless sky riding the ever-present winds. Azure herself is unconcerned with any of them, seeking only entertainment and distraction in whatever for comes along. Her high temple, Sky's Edge, is located on the highest peak of the continent and is unreachable by any who are not aligned with the elementals that guard it. Azure's high priest is a sylph of incredible beauty that controls the elementals and winds with an iron fist. She brooks no interference in her daily routine of riding the up drafts and overlooking the surrounding area. If not for her ill demeanor, Sky Hammer would be the most sought after source of historical knowledge in the world, she has seen more than any other and remembers all she has ever heard or witnessed.