The Anti-Stalker, Master of the Nemesis Slayers
Chaotic Good
Lord of The Hidden Sheath

The Slayers were the domain of Marn alone. Blade was one of the demi-god children of the original god of the Stalkers also known as Blade. When his brothers took over the faith-bound Stalkers, Blade became hunted since he had been instrumental in the death of their father. The Stalker gods were able to block Marn's power from the world seeking to gain an advantage against the Slayers, but their power had no effect upon their brother. Blade was able to gather his Slayers and restore her to power. Since then the power of Blade and Marn has been joined to disallow a reoccurrence, strengthening the bond between the two and granting each half the Lessons of the Hunt and enough strength to empower their Slayers. Blade's domain are the Lessons of the Magi, Devoted, Killer, Undead, and Nemesis. He has a smaller priesthood dedicated to destroying those who choose the dark paths, but the Nemesis-Slayers are all he truly needs. Their abilities and spells are granted from his power not Marn's strength. Only the elite of the Lessons are asked to join the Slayers of the Nemesis. The small following of Seekers, his priests, are led by the Huntmaster of the Nemesis, who directs the Stalker-Slayers in connection with the Band of the Moon, the leadership of the Hunters of Marn. The Seekers are much like the Hunters, except where the Hunters are among the populace seeking stalkers and other evils, the Seekers have infiltrated the stalker faiths to destroy them from within. Their mission is the deadliest of all.