The Enchanter, Master of Constructs, The Automaton Lord
Lawful Neutral
The Sentient Tower

The following of Bot is a diverse group mainly enchanters, but creators, wizards, and those interested in golems and other constructs also follow him. He is the master of all magically created creatures and is invoked to empower or awaken them. His clergy are collected into two groups; those who work in the temples, called Constructors, who are constantly creating golems of various types or experimenting with new ways to create constructed creatures. The Encantors work throughout the lands assisting others in the creation of magical items and creatures, often arriving in an area exactly when needed to awaken a golem or other construct or answering a summons to teach a prospective creator in the best ways to achieve his end. Bot cares little for how the construct is used, only the perfection of creation and creative solutions to current limitations is of any importance to him. The High Builder is the Master of the Sentient Tower, which has been given a level of intelligence by Bot and controls the many golems found within it's walls and near it's environs. It protects the High Builder and any of Bot's clergy traveling in the area. It is capable of sending automaton guards to protect those able to contact it.