Lessons of Blade


The Lesson of the Nemesis

These slayers are the truest followers of Blade. The Stalker-Slayers battle their eternal opposite; the Stalkers. The Stalker-faiths are specialized hunters of the good and faithful. They are the bane of the Slayers and kill all Slayers, Hunters and Seekers on discovery. The Lesson of the Nemesis is the basis of Blade's faith. His prophecies say the Slayers will face the Stalkers and defeat them once and for all.


The Lesson of the Devoted

Holy Slayers are a very pious group and seek to rid the world of evil priests. They the most devout of all the Slayer-faiths. Each Slayer hunts a specific power's followers. Some hunt the priests of the evil Wizard faiths, like Xinomud or Askilin, some the bloody priests of Raad and the goblin gods. Those who seek the wizard-priests of Askilin and Krizzchat are often the only threat to these powerful necromancers and evokers. The Lesson of the Devoted tells of the eternal reward to the Faithful.


The Lesson of the Killer

Some of the most dangerous of the followers of Marn, the Assassin-Slayers are the most cunning of assassins themselves. They stalk and slay members of the assassin guilds and cabals. Once alerted to the presence of a killer's guild, the Assassin-Slayer identifies the members of the guild, then eradicates the entire guild. The Lesson of the Killer teaches those who kill without remorse will find no mercy.


The Lesson of the Magi

The Mage-Slayers each chose for themselves a School of Magic to seek, such as Diviners, Enchanters, etc. Some few simply seek all magic users and defer to the specialist when facing a particularly powerful wizard. Only Necromancers are not hunted by the Mage-Slayers, they are the domain of the Undead-Slayers. The Lesson of the Magi teaches not to sacrifice yourself for power.


The Lesson of the Undead

The Undead-Slayers are further separated into three groups. The Dead-Hunters seek necromancers of every range of power and destroying the mindless armies they create. They often join with Mage-Slayers and Holy Slayers to wipe out the wizard/priests of Askilin and the necromantic priests of Inachay. The Curse-Hunters release those cursed with undeath, including trapped Crypt Keepers. The Death-Hunters are responsible for the most vile of the undead, those who chose to become undead, such as liches, death knights, greater mummies, etc. These Slayers follow the Lesson of Undeath, which teaches the punishment for defying the natural order.