Keeper of Knowledge, The Learned Lord, Patron of Sages
The Library of the Known

Cholar (pronounced coal-are) is the patron god of human knowledge and their incurable inquisitive nature. His temple priests are called Archivists, diviners who catalog and record the teachings of the human wizards, rangers, druids, priests and others. Initiates recopy old records in perfect form, to learn and save elder knowledge. They are wary of intruders and rarely allow any to view their library. Only those who have added to their knowledge may gain the ability to peruse the common records. The Sage-Seneschal is the single person who can allow access to the rarest of their tomes, which are kept in the most guarded chambers beneath the Library of the Known. Cholar's traveling clergy are called Speakers and spread common knowledge to the uneducated or bring new teachings to those who need them, while searching for the newest discoveries. The Speakers and Archivists are unconcerned with alignment and morality, they want only pure knowledge caring little for the uses or potential of such teachings. Only the acquisition of new information is of any importance. Release of information has a much more strict policy. No knowledge that is not traded for equally rare information is never permitted. It is the only true law of the Learned.