Keeper of the Sacred Light, Master of Good Magic, Patron of the Floating Tower
Neutral Good
Towercap Temple

The followers of Gleem number among the thousands, all Invokers are his domain. The Floating Tower, also called the White Tower of Light, is the center of Gleem's power and the home of his High Priest, the Wanded Seneschal. The Towercap Temple lies in the highest peak of the Floating Tower and the Wanded Seneschal advises the Master of the Tower as to the wishes of his Lord. Moonlight is considered a gift from Gleem and the full moon is not only his symbol, but also a sign he still watches over the world's good magic. His priests are ever present in the cities of the kingdom, called Faithful Magi, they proudly wear the symbol of the full moon on their wizard robes. They preach the benevolence of Gleem and expound on the virtues of his knowledge and might. The priests of the Towers are less vocal but are even more dedicated to the ideal of uniting the holy priestly magic and the neutral wizardly magic. Known simply as Tower-Templars, these priests meditate on and often experiment with the idea of mixing magics. All of Gleem's priesthood are mage/priests using all wizard schools and allowed minor access to all spheres. They are considered to be the greatest wizards in the land by many and truly have the ear of the Master of All Magicks.