Good Societies

The Winged
Lady Arcade Stolec
The Woodland Retreat

The Winged is a group of Druids, Swanmays, Rangers, Slayers who seek to control the untamed Edgewood Forest. Their home base is a small island off the coast near the middle of Edgewood, called the Woodland Retreat. From there Lady Arcade Stolec commands the Winged and their many operatives and allies within the forest. In the northern reaches of the wood, the Winged are assisted in controlling the bands of were-creatures by the citizens of the hamlet of Lycan. In the central woods, where they retain the majority of their power, they are backed by the hunters and trappers of several towns on the periphery of Edgewood. However, in the southern wood, the many races who follow the Blood Cult and the cutthroats of the bandit town of Haven in the Southspire Swamp have made securing their power in the region difficult. On many occasions has the Sisterhood of the Spire been eliminated by those plotting against the Winged in the southern woods.

The Invisible Magi
The Imperceptible Master
The Eyrie Tower

The Imperceptible Master is reputed to reside in the Eyrie Tower. None outside the group of mages has ever seen the Tower and no one knows the identity of the Imperceptible. His communication to his followers is done by magical means and the structure of the Invisible Magi is unknown. All that is generally known is that the advisors appointed by the Magi to the Crown and each of the powerful Lords, Earls, Barons, and Dukes of the Kingdom offer excellent advice, know well in advance the trends of the populace, and even offer their spell casting knowledge in return for a small pension and the right to speak in their name. A very powerful and unknown force in the Kingdom, the Invisible Magi have never openly advocated any evil or questionable act. They assist the Slayers and Hunters to a limited capacity and remain on good terms with the Tower of Light.