Guild Stalkers


Death Stalkers
Followers of Mebir the Unmerciful
Dread Stalker Antroc Buldir, The Deathmaster

The Guild-Stalkers hunt the who have made thievery their profession. Not only are the members of the thieves guilds hunted by these stalkers, the beggars, burglars and assassins of the realms are also targets of the Death-Stalkers. Their Lord charges them eliminate the rogues of the kingdom. Of all the Stalker Faiths, the Death-Stalkers are considered to be the most dangerous, the Deathmaster is the leader of the Dread Council. Only the most powerful of Mebir's faithful are named Death-Stalker, those who join the faith are first put into one of the secondary groups.

The Rag-Stalkers
Stalker Master Ograne

The Rag-Stalkers hunt the members of the beggars guilds. They are the weakest and least trained of the Death-Stalkers. Through devotion to this trade Rogue-Stalkers learn the skills needed to carry out their Master's will. Master Ograne leads them to challenge themselves and train mercilessly.

The Cat-Stalkers
Stalker Master Ictalir

The Cat-Stalkers hunt the members of burglar, bandit, and cutpurse guilds. They are often members of influencial guilds or cabal. They are trained to execute only the members of the guild contracted for death and leave no evidence of their guilt. Master Ictalir, much like his own master, accepts no failure. Any minor error is punished mercilessly.

The Dark-Stalkers
Stalker Master Ekraat

The Dark-Stalkers are the most feared of the secondary faiths. They target members of the assassin cabals. They are the true stalkers. Their prey is the most deadly in all the lands and they are able to wipe out entire cabals single-handedly. Only through excellence in this trade are Death-Stalkers born. They are the most elite and the smallest Faith.