Lord of the Tortured Dead, Eater of Souls, Master of the Restless Dead
Neutral Evil
Temple of Unending Screams

Inachay is one of the evil deities worshipped in the darkest recesses of the human kingdom. His faith is spread to nearly every corner of the continent, his name inspires fear in almost every living being. The Temple of Unending Screams is located beneath the Holy City of Saint Karn, in the town of Shadespride and ruled by the Grand Devourer. The Grand Devourer leads the temple based priests, called Soul-Renders, who teach of the unending pain after death and draw power from torturing captive souls. The Wakers, Inachay's roaming priests, are usually disguised as normal travelers. They empower already awakened spirits and cause resting spirits to arise and victimize the living. They unconsecrate holy ground, seek Onay's Crypt Keepers to destroy them and ravage their charges, curse the living to become unresting spirits after death, and other evil activities designed to cause havoc, including the capture of good spirits to be given to the Soul-Renders for ages of torture. Both Vak and Onay seek the priests and temples of Inachay and destroy them anywhere they can be found.