The Ravager, The Diseased Lord, Master of the Plague
Chaotic Evil
Heuvecan Temple

The ancient faith of Kah-Mun is all but unknown among the common folk, but deep in the shadows and behind closed doors the Lord of Disease is not forgotten. His High Vengent is an undead and mummified victim of the plague, he leads the heuveca and living Plague-Bringers of Kah-Mun from the Heuvecan Temple in Shadespride. The heuveca travel the roads of the lands as simple pilgrims attacking groups of the faithful and commoners, often allowing a few to escape. Those who do escape are usually first given the plague which is transferred to any they meet. In the cities and towns, the Plague-Bringers live normal lives, but infect random citizens with disease. The diseases show no symptoms for several days, but carriers are infectious as soon as they come in contact with the plague. Never has disease been completely eradicated from the lands thanks to this faith and it's alliance with Agonis. The teamwork of the Plague-Bringers and the Miserates keeps the Clerics of Caralith busy in every corner of the realm.