The Inferno, Master of the Eternal Blaze, Lord Everflame, The Fiery Demon
Neutral Evil
FirstEgg Temple

Still revered among the fire giants, his most divine creatures, fire dragons, are his main priests though each race has at least a few followers to the Fiery Lord. Fire elementals, salamanders, and efreet all consider him most powerful of the gods. Priests of Krizzchat, called Burners, are common among those races, but Burners of humans, half-elves, orcs, and ogres are not unheard of. From the Temple of the FirstEgg, where descendants of GrinSkull still dwell, all the fire dragons of the world are unified and directed, as united as the group of chaotic and malicious creatures can be. Through out the continent Burners make their own shrines and temples to glorify the Everburning Lord. The symbol of flames is seen throughout every kingdom from the human lands to the depths held by the duergar and the empire of the orcish. No conjurer or evoker alive is ignorant of Krizzchat and unending hunger for fuel for his fires. Creatures who live near volcanoes or lava flows often invoke his name to keep the molten rock at bay. In every region his magma mephits, fire snakes and blackened imps roam doing his evil wishes.