Lady of Fertility, Granter of Children, Crop-Giver
Neutral Good
The Laden Altar

All know of Lashall and pay her limited fealty, since crops and children are believed to come from her alone. All mothers thank her when they are granted children and ask her forgiveness when children are killed, taken, hurt, or misbehave. Her priests are located in every city, though the largest number of them are spread throughout the farming communities. They are called Harvest-Druids among the farmers, while her priests in cities and other areas are called Mid-wives. The Great Mid-wife lives in the Holy City of Saint Karn in the Temple of the Laden Altar and directs the leadership of the many scattered temples maintaining a presence in every town, village and city. Although the clerics of Caralith are the healers of the nation and are usually present at births, child birth is sacred and only a Mid-wife is allowed to tend the expecting mother. She alone is in charge of the occasion and only allows the healer to assist if the mother's life is in danger. For most births the Mid-wife's healing ability is more than capable of handling any difficulty, but they do not believe the mother's life should be sacrificed if it can be avoided. The Harvest-Druids in many smaller regions double as Mid-wives, but usually the two jobs are mutually exclusive. Harvest-Druids are not only necessary at harvest time, they are also called to bless the planting and assist in the choice of crops, fields and new land to be cleared.