The Prankster, Master of Luck, Patron of the Bards, The Charmer
Chaotic Good
The Singing Temple

The somewhat fickle lord of luck and patron god of bards is both praised and cursed with regularity. The god himself is said to travel the realms enjoying the songs of bards, games of chance, and the company of beautiful women. Only the Smirk, his High Priest, truly knows, though the traveling Grin-Masters, his priests of charming melodies and dance, often tell stories of his misadventures and sing of his personal pranks. The temple-bound Luck-Masters are able to grant temporary luck-enhancing blessings on those considered worthy, donations are avidly accepted if one is found lacking in any way. The temples provide sanctuary for bards and those against whom luck has turned, though both are asked to grant a performance or service to repay the debt. Lok (pronounced lock) is concerned with not only games of chance and entertainment, he also is called to watch over merchants, mercenaries and others who live by luck and chance, as well as being the Master of Charms. The bards of Paran and the central kingdom are separated from the Celtic bards by their faith. The bards of Corell are keepers of the knowledge of their people and have little use for Lok, but the nearly faithless bards of the central regions are rogues and adventurers. They call what favor they can from Lok and hope to gain the chance to perform in the Singing Temple for the Smirk, who is renown for his lavish gifts granted those who show true skill in the arts of song, dance, and storytelling.