The Lady Slayer


The Lady Slayer, The Huntress, Lady of Moonlight
Neutral Good
The Refuge

Marn's priesthood is larger by far than that of Blade, her mate and partner in the struggle against evil. Though they are joined in cause and power, she controls the faith and is the power behind the Slayers and Hunters. Her specialty priests are all members of the Band of the Moon working with Seekers, Slayers, The Winged and other good forces to limit the powerful force of evil in the kingdom and insure against threats from outside the borders. Led by the Grand Inquestor, her templar priests are called Hunters and weed out the evil among the populace, keeping the many shrines and small temples throughout the rural areas and the wilderness regions of the kingdom, while the remainder of her faith, called Slayers, travel the realm defeating evil of all forms. They focus on creatures born to darkness, from monsters to members of the dark races. The Slayers follow the Ten Lessons of the Hunt seeking out threats to the peace of the nation. Each Of the Lessons of the Huntress specializes in a particular monstrous threat: Giant, Dragon, Wild, Sky, and Deep. The remaining five lessons are the Lessons of the Magi, Devoted, Killer, Undead, and Nemesis and are Blade's domain.