The Band of the Moon

The Lady's Slayers
The Grand Inquestor
The Refuge

The Band of the Moon is the name given to the priesthood of the Lady of Moonlight because they are a force meant to oppose the Silent Society and the dreaded Stalkers. The Hunters, as the members of the Band of the Moon are called, work as templar priests in the shrines and temples to Marn throughout the Kingdom. They monitor the populace for suspicious activities and find the identity of those loyal to the dark faiths and the Silent. These heretics are located by the Hunters, but the task of eliminating the threat is given to the Slayers in most cases. The Hunters avidly support the Slayers with supplies, information, and even healing when required. The Seekers have contacts among the Hunters and coordinate their missions with the Band, who in turn communicates with the Winged, the Brotherhood and the Kings of the North. The Invisible Magi, a group of benevolent wizards who look after the interests of the Crown, are allies of the Band, but take little action to support them. When occasion demands, they can be relied upon to assist in the destruction of dark wizards and necromantic priests, they help with little else. Though the Band is in no way directly threatened by the Crown and Royalty, there are close ties to the Silent Society within the Nobility of Sarant. The close proximity of Misery City to the capital city and the unchallenged threat of the Black Hold so near the coast give witness to the lack of concern on the part of the Crown in unraveling the power of the Silent Society and the Stalkers. The Band has few friends among the nobility, however the peasants and commoners are all avid believers in Marn and her benevolent protection. They support the Hunters who in turn support the Slayers.