Lessons of Marn


The Lesson of the Giant

The Giant-Slayers are a group of various warriors intent on defending humanity from giants, they separate themselves according to the race of giants they hunt, i.e. Fire Giant-Slayers, Frost Giant-Slayers, etc. Far from teaching that giants are inherently evil, the Lesson of the Giant is one of education of the ignorant and patience with the less intelligent.


The Lesson of the Dragon

The Dragon-Slayers are divided by the race of dragon they seek(Shadow or Death dragons), or in some cases by alignment (Evil dragons) or class (Wizard Dragons). Their only common bond is the hate of dragon-kin and adherence to the Lesson of the Dragon, which teaches to never underestimate your opponent nor fall victim to pride.


The Lesson of the Wild

Wild-Slayers are warriors in the remote regions deep in the wilderness. They are specialists in their clime and terrain and are classified as such. The Mountaineers are skilled climbers, the Plainsmen are expert trackers, the Foresters are nearly invisible hunters, and so on. They follow the Lady's teachings and the Lesson of the Wild. A lesson in avoiding assumption and admiring the beauty of the unfamiliar.


The Lesson of the Sky

The Sky-Slayers or Wind-Riders are rangers mounted on aerial beasts. They are separated into groups based upon the mount they ride. There are no Dragon-Riders, but the wings of griffin-riders, hawk-riders, and hippogriff-riders are numerous. Drake-riders are rare, except for the Knights of the Order of the Drake, though they are warriors for Marcora they are close allies and followers of the Lesson of the Sky. It teaches endless possibilities and never ending frontiers.


The Lesson of the Deep

Deep-Slayers are the defense against invasion from below. They hunt any intruding force of subterranean creatures. Most are specialists in one race of the Deepndark. The Derro-Slayers and Duergar-Slayers work together to keep the close presence of the evil dwarves from gaining a foothold in the human lands. The Drow-Slayers keep the areas near the dark elf border to the south. The Lesson of the Deep teaches the ruthlessness of those races born in the Deepndark.