Wizard Stalkers


The Puritans
Followers of Salar the Bereft
Dread Stalker Zier Onthea, The Dark Puritan

The Mage-Stalkers hunt all of those who possess magic, not just the wizards of the realms. They are charged by Lord Salar to eradicate the users of magic from the lands. Lord Salar's true love was a stalker of his faith that met with a powerful wizard and failed her mission, since that time all magic-users are considered enemies of Salar. Only the Mage-Stalker's limited magical ability is allowed. Diviners, necromancers and the bards are not targets of the Puritans. Though should the magic of one of these be beyond the skill of the specialist stalker, they may call in a mage-stalker as a reinforcement. The Mage-Stalker Faith is further separated by the uncommon magicks.

Nature's Bane
Stalker Master Alquin

The hunters of the Druids are not the domain of the Unholy, but are the targets of those who hunt magic-users. Since natural druids follow no specific faith, they are not the domain of the Priest-Stalkers, they are the targets of Nature's Bane, instead.

The North Rune-Blades
Stalker Master Skore

The hunters of the rune-casters and powerful skalds are the domain of Salar's second, Master Skore. The Rune-Stalkers are equally adept at learning, using, disarming and ignoring the effects of the Runes of Power.


The Releasers, Undead-Stalkers
Followers of Derig the Iron Heart
Dread Stalker Endorm Deen, The Abjurist

Rare though it is for a contract to be put out on an undead creature, and the rarity of good and neutral spirits aside, the Dead-Stalkers are have a very narrow niche of targets. They are one of the smallest, though very powerful, of the Stalker Faiths. They are the hunters of the undead, both corporeal and incorporeal. Ghosts, vampires, mummies, ghoul masters, and zombie lords are examples of those hunted by the Releasers. Not to be confused with the Undead-Slayers, the Releasers feel no pity for the tortured spirits, nor do they release these souls out of kindness. They are well paid assassins who target the most vile of creatures.