Lord of Eternal Sleep, Master of the Restful Dead
Lawful Good
The Hushed Temple

Onay and his followers are the keepers of the dead, many of the followers of this faith don't actively serve their master until after death. Those who are living priests are known as Embalmers, they prepare the dead body for interment in the sepulchers and crypts used throughout the lands. In the north, they are called barrows and hold the combined relatives of a notable ancestor for whom the barrow was crafted. In the central regions and in the large cities, people use crypts and sepulchers to house the dead. In the southern fields, among those who hold to the faith of Corell, the Embalmers and their crypts are avoided in place of their own practice of burying the dead in silent groves overseen by the druids. The Embalmers, led by the Rest-Giver, Onay's High Priest, are only one aspect of this faith. The remainder of Onay's followers are called Crypt Keepers, they swear to defend the rest of those interred with them. The Holy Vow is taken while still living and in front of the Rest-Giver, after which the Crypt Keeper is given a tattoo somewhere on their body, marking them for the special ritual which grants them the ability to rise as avenging mummies. Many of the Crypt Keepers live normal lives and work at various trades, praying to their patron deity as well as practicing the faith of their homeland. All aspects of the human god are aligned with Onay and the Crypt Keepers come from every faith, but at their death they are granted the duty to protect the rest of those who have died. Even some followers of Corell become Crypt Keepers to defend their groves, though they do not go through the ritual of the Embalmers, Onay still grants them the ability to rise and to animate the bodies of those around them to accomplish their task.