Bringer of Violence, the Bloody Lord, War-Monger
Chaotic Evil
The Blood-Soaked Altar

Raad (pronounced raid) is the patron of almost every bandit group and evil mercenary band in the human lands. He is a war god of incredible blood-lust and is never satisfied with the amount of violence and death brought about by his followers. Just about every raider and pirate invokes his name before setting out on an attack and calls for his blessing before engaging an enemy. Many of the pirate ships fly the Red Sword on their flags and sails, while many mercenaries and bandits follow Circle of Blood pennants into battle. Raad's priests are often warriors as well as clergy and most join pirates and raiders in their travels, calling themselves Unholy Berserks. Only the Blood-Soaked Altar, which is in Shadespride, holds any temple priests. The Sacrificers of the Blood-Soaked Altar, are led by the Vile Sword of Raad and perform many sacrifices of innocents and enemies of the faith. They are known to even bleed themselves to show their devotion to the Bloody Lord of Violence.