The Uncontrolled, Lady of the Blue Deeps, Queen Deepcold, Lady Wave Crash
Chaotic Good
Shell Mountain

The Lady of the Watery Depths is revered by all the intelligent sea creatures and the sailors of the worldwide ocean. She is equally feared and loved. Her quick temper and ravaging vengeance are legendary, as are her soft touch with her allies and the gentle breezes that blow the ships she cares for to their destination. Both show her opposing aspects and lightning quick shifts of demeanor. From the neried to the marid, all love her and pay her fealty. In the Maelstrom, an undersea series of tornadoes, lies her high temple, Shell Mountain, where thousands of sea creatures flock to bask in the beauty of her Chosen. The high priestess, Everpearl, a water dragon of intense beauty, remains atop Shell Mountain dispensing the wisdom of the depths and guiding followers of Shewech. The neried and other sea-fey often sit for days watching her muse and commune with the Lady of the Blue Depths. The nomadic marid of the oceans stop in to update the water dragoness and seek her counsel. In the Great Wash, as the plane of water is known, Shewech lounges among the most powerful elementals and water dragons in existence enjoying the gentle flow of the waters and the constant prayers of seagoing folk. She rarely answers any attempts at contact, but aids allies on the sea in other ways, namely sending elementals of varying types to watch over them or summoning gentle winds to take them to their destinations safely. Few does she actually care enough about to help.