Specialist Stalkers


The Silencers
Followers of Salar the Keeper of Secrets
Dread Stalker Beloo Kearl, The Mortal Keeper

The Bard-Stalkers hunt those who have made performance their profession. Not only are the traveling troubadours hunted by these stalkers, the blades, acrobats, confidence men, and even the Norse skalds are targets of the Silencers. The Lord charges the stalkers to destroy those who spread the knowledge of history and tell the "secrets" of the past for personal gain. Any bard, with or without a patron, who has been targeted by these assassins is living on borrowed time. The Bard-Stalkers are immune to all the powers of the bards and are not influenced by their charms.


The Night Hunters
Followers of Caran the Night Lord
Dread Stalker Kelvonis Agim, The Nighthuntsman

The War-Stalkers are formidable warriors who hunt other fighters. They are charged by Lord Caran to destroy the Knights of Marcora and to slay more common soldiers and mercenaries. In the northern region, the more advanced stalkers hunt the berserkers and the Riders of the North Wind. In the south, their targets are the warriors of the Brotherhood of the Green and the armies of the King of the Fields. In the Great Valley, the War-Stalkers hunt the Knights of the Maul and any mercenary who has a contract put out for them. The Night Hunters are known throughout the kingdom as the fiercest warriors, though definitely not the most honorable.


The Unseen
Followers of Arcul the True Prophet
Dread Stalker Hesikiah Gogage, The Prophet's Hand

The Seer-Stalkers hunt all of those who possess the gift of "sight." They are charged by Lord Arcul to drive the heretics from the lands. Any who have the ability to see into the future, or divine knowledge are targets of these assassins. The Seer-Stalkers hunt diviners, seers, manteis, and those gifted with "second sight." Immune to all divination, these stalkers are able to hunt the "sighted" in any terrain unnoticed.