Dread Stalkers

Lords of the Stalkers, Masters of the Silent
Misery City

A Dread Stalker is the leader of his Stalker Faith and rides with an assortment of followers, called a Hunt, most of which will also be from the Dread Stalker's faith. Together the 10 Dread Stalkers make the Dread Council and meet to decide policy and priority of contracts. While each Dread Stalker is the unquestioned leader of his Faith, the various Stalkers answer to him only upon a glorious victory or any failure. It is the Dread Stalkers who translate the wills of the Stalker Gods, only they speak to the True Masters of the Faith. All contracts for execution are signed by the Master of the Faith to which the contract was submitted, any failure to execute the contract is considered an act of treachery against the faith. If the contract is not rectified, the Stalker will find himself hunted.