Keeper of the Magical Balance, Rogue-Mage Bane
Lawful Neutral
The Temple of the Airy Scales

The following of Tear (pronounced Teer) is mainly transmuters, but includes many other classes of folk. Even the poorest farmers and working class folk pray to Tear to avoid the ravages of unaligned mages. Once a mage has gained a level of power he or she is expected to join one of the Towers of Magic. Many Towers are scattered around the continent, but all are aligned with one of the two Central Towers; either the Floating Tower of Light or the Black Tower on Grim Isle. The priesthood of Tear not only seeks those wizards who refuse to align themselves, they also hunt the mages who have denounced their vows or gone against the wishes of the leaders of their Tower. The active hunters are called Seekers, nearly magic-proof priests of Tear with transmuting spells, though many started with other classes or choose to become multi-classed to better hunt rogue magic-users. Those clergy found in the Temples of the Scale are called Balance-Keepers. They have the task of observing the rites of Tear and directing Seekers to wizards in question, reporting all unknown mages to the High Venger of the Temple of Airy Scales. Many of the temples of Tear are mage schools, since many of the Balance-Keepers are mage/priests and serve Tear well steering young wizards toward the Towers.