Master of the Delve, Stone Lord, Earth-Heart
Lawful Neutral
Heartstone Temple

Deep in the Dismal Delve is Terthan's most avid followers, the dao. Known as the Stone Lord, Terthan rules the earth elementals and kin in both his plane and the prime material. The xorn, xaren, pech, and dao all over the world sing his praises. In Heartstone Temple, deep beneath the realm of the svirfneblin, the High Delver, his dao high priest, rules his myriad of followers. They all travel the plane in it's coldest depths searching for the Diamond Sword, a lost relic of Terthan and his only purpose for his faithful. Except for the Dismal Delve, it is his only concern. Even the dragons of earth that live on the prime are unimportant to him, unless they are searching for his lost item. The laws of stone and gravity are the only law he follows and hold his loyalty, all else is immaterial and expendable. The pech which have found freedom from the eternal mining are scattered through out the depths searching for the item which will bring them honor and finally some recognition among the earthy races.