The Wolves

The Woodland Wolves of Master Thysiaskyn

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The Woodland Wolfpack

The Wolves are a mixed group of archers, rangers, sword-wielding mages, and well-rounded warriors. They are united by their allegiance to Master Thysiaskyn and their interest in archery. The skills taught by the Guildmaster are refined by the Wolves who train together between classes and when their master's attention is needed elsewhere. Though their objectives and backgrounds vary, the Woodland Wolves are a deeply unified group. They are trained as single archers or an archer company, with skirmisher support. None of them is limited to range weapons and can readily defend themselves in a melee situation, but their primary focus is on the bow and wood lore. They are able to go into any environment and survive off the land, however the ways of the forest is their expertise.

About the Master

Master Mike "The Longshot" Thysiaskyn is a happy and rather flighty wood giant. He doesn't avoid others as his race generally does, but he can't help the fact that he is easily distracted from mundane subjects. He is the master of bows at the Academy and not only teaches archers and warriors. He is also a bowmage and trains those of the Woodland Wolves able to understand the arcane to mix spells with their weapons. He is the last true Bowmage, trained by the Royal Bowmaster of the Elven Court before his untimely death, and seeks to keep the skills alive by teaching the craft. Any who seek this rare knowledge may apply to the Academy and request apprenticeship to Master Thysiaskyn.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.