The Arcane

The Arcane Order of The Arcanist

About the Master

Master Zedar is a well-traveled war-mage. His average seeming appearance belies a unimaginable strength within. He is jokingly called the "Phoenix" among the other faculty and puts up with the nickname out of politeness, but in truth the young wizard is unslayable, at least in a permanent fashion. By his count he has sacrificed his life to defend his friends at least 5 times and yet survives to tell the tale. He carries several wands and short swords, which tell of his ever-ready battle sense, but truly his strength is in his honor. Most honorable of all the instructors at Scatterwalk, Zedar's teachings include little of his personal ethics and focus on mastery of the destructive magicks.

Home of the Arcane Order

The Arcane Order

The Warriors of the Arcane Order are a strange mix. Many are simple wizards who wish to focus on the evocation school of magic, and thus create overwhelming devastation, however the vast majority are war-wizards. With skills in both weapons and magic, the war-wizard is a powerful foe. These apprentices are in awe of their nearly immortal master and have no use for anyone or anything outside of themselves and their studies. Devoted to both master and craft, the Arcane Order is the most tightly knit of the guilds and brook no interference on how they handle themselves or their training. Their Master has taught them that with any gain comes sacrifice and without giving of yourself there is no reward.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.