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The Necrolix

The Necrolix fall into two categories; the Necrolics of Askilin, dark priests of an even darker god, and the Necromantics, wizards seeking to master the forbidden art of Necromancy. Though separate and rarely friendly, the Necrolix have something in common, they have given their lives and souls to the Lord of Undeath in exchange for power over death. All seek to avoid their own end, but the Necrolix take their very lives in their hands to do it. All wear the requisite robes of dark blue and black and are nearly indistinguishable from one another, but the Wraithfist has no problem calling them by name without seeing else but their form. They are the most secretive of any guild in Scatterwalk and do so for good reason, they are also the most feared and avoided guild in the Academy. All rituals and most classes are held in the lair of Wraithfist Ystudfach to avoid onlookers.

About the Master

Wraithfist Ezabel Ystudfach is one of few followers of Askilin truly blessed (or cursed) with her Lord's favor. She has received the Dark Gift and awaits her eternal life. However she waits neither patiently nor quietly, continuing to study the magic of undeath and the accursed demons of the Abyss. She will always be a powerful force among the unholy followers of the fell god. She attained her rank by disposing of the competition and would do so again to retain her Master's favor. She has slain good, evil and neutral priests alike and is in constant need of new volunteers (victims) to continue her experiments. Little is known of her history until she reached Simiron and even less is known about her heritage. Though seemingly fully human, she wields two heavy hammers in battle and is a fearsome opponent, granted powers and spells aside. She took over the lair of the slain witches immediately after the Band of the Bard killed them and consecrated it as a temple to her Lord. Now only she maintains residence there, allowing no one to enter once the classes and rituals have ended.


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