The Sneaks

The Sneak-Thieves of Master Looknfin'der

About the Master

Master Fuklin Looknfin'der is a very seductive young elf maiden that uses her charms in a way uncommon to her people. She uses the wiles of a human woman too well to be an elf, but she stands barely five-foot tall, walks and carries herself in a sexy manner, and has very pointy ears. There is no mistaking her for any other race, but to watch her hips sway as she walks up to a prospective victim you would never believe she was capable of anything more than an enjoyable evening of entertainment. Though most elven women are beautiful by human standard they conduct themselves as if they are entirely unaware of the attraction felt by those who see them. Fuklin has no such inhibition, nor is she unaware of the effect she has upon men. She wears skin-tight leather which shows of her figure in a flattering manner and uses the attention she receives for it to set men up to be robbed by her cohorts or to bring them into her confidence schemes. She has the wiles of 10 human women hidden behind the face of an angel.

Home of the Sneaks

The Sneaks

The Sneaks are dedicated to their purpose and their leader. They believe that they must redistribute the wealth, too much sits in the pouches of greedy merchants and petty officials. The Sneaks are skilled in pick pocketing, sleight-of-hand tricks and confidence schemes. To use their victims own greed or arrogance against them is the Sneak's greatest joy. Not evil or viscous by nature nor deed, they simply believe that if the person wanted to keep it they wouldn't make it so easy to take. This simple logic is lost on others, who see the tricks of the Sneaks as dishonest and immoral. The members of Fuklin's guild disagree, they do not prey on those down on their luck or on people who work to earn their money, such people are slim pickings. The Sneaks target individuals with too much money to guard properly and not enough sense to pay for it's protection. The laws are harsh on these types of criminals, but they are useful in other situations and use that fact to convince those opposed to their existence not to destroy the growing guild.


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