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The Blades

The Blades all have something in common with their master, a love for entertainment, gold, and the rush of a close brush with death. To see their master is a sight, but to watch a troupe of sword-wielding, acrobatic entertainers is truly amazing. The sounds of ringing steel as the Blade-Dancers "duel" and padded feet of the acrobats diving between them hitting hard packed dirt is more than enough to bring onlookers to their performance. If a few notice their purse a little lighter when they reach in to toss a few coins to the troupe, they never speak of it. The Blades are a well trained group that is equally able to perform alone or among their fellows. The members who wander the crowd lightening purses are equally adept at performing and jump into the whirling group should anyone suspect they are trying to pickpocket the crowd. All in all a dangerous group of the most entertaining people found in the realm.

About the Master

Once a noble in the Empire of Blood across the Calm Sea the exiled baron, Vont Uslik is still hunted by the Throne of the Empire for his misdeeds. He has taken up residence near the keep and has added his skills to the already astounding Band of the Bard. He too is a bard, but of a very different sort than the Master of Scatterwalk. He entertains crowds with feats of dare devilry and precise accuracy with his knives. When not tightrope-walking or splitting grapes from 20 paces, he is juggling flaming swords while blindfolded or performing some other insanely dangerous, but entertaining, feat. He often enters the city during the Celebration of the Mists to join in the revelry and earn a coin or two. For a blood-thirsty savage from the wildest regions, he is very polite and cultured. His ever-present lute is the only tell that he is a skilled entertainer, though often it is overlooked when folk see the many curved blades that adorn his belt.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.