The Berserks

The Berserk Warriors of Lief Skullsplitter

About the Master

Lief "The Skullsplitter" Thyornsson is a powerful Norse berserker. His coarse appearance and exaggerated build makes him seem unapproachable, but beneath the gruff exterior is a warrior full of passion and honor. For his great size, he moves with graceful fluidity and deliberate care. He teaches the control of a true warrior and the ability to harness and channel the rage within every warrior. He is the master of swords at the Academy and instructs all who seek to master the melee of battle. His own blood-lust is unimaginable when speaking with the calm Norse warrior, but to see him in his fury is to know the unquenchable thirst for battle coursing through him. His loyalty to the Academy and in particular the Bard is unbelievably strong, an unshakable faith in their purpose.


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The Berserk

The Berserk are not simply Norse warriors awaiting a need for their warrior-fury. The Celtic and Paranese humans are welcome, as well as half-breeds and other friendly races. All may learn the way of the sword or the skills required to be a true berserker. The only requirements are the ability to lift a sword and an interest in face to face combat. All who apply are tested in these two categories and must meet the instructor.
The warriors of the Berserk are a tightly knit group, with only one true common element: a thirst for battle. They have trained and fought together, which has united them as only fighting back to back can do. They trust each other with more than their lives. A closer brotherhood of warriors does not exist.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.