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The Trackless

Welcome to the Trackless

sword Crest The Guild of trackers, rangers and roaming defenders of Edgewood.

The leader of The Trackless, Master Ramp Sorlen, invites you to look through the information provided. New students and prospective members are welcome to learn all they wish about the Trackless. Current students and members are reminded to check back often to find any new developments that you may have missed.

Your studies will not be easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Learning to track, hunt, and stalk takes dedication and patience and a bit of natural skill. To understand the power, dangers and wonders of the wilderness and it's many strange and magical inhabitants is no mean feat, it is an unending adventure the Trackless enjoy daily. New members to the Trackless should read each page carefully to understand the lessons of the Trackless and familiarize yourself with the subjects of your studies. Current Members are listed on the Members Page. Forum members are listed in the order they joined the Guild, the Adventure Members are listed according to levels, contact the Master of the Trackless should you have any questions. Inquiries are handled based upon relevance, both the question's relevance and your own.

Take heed of this warning for there will not be a second.
Welcome all who seek the knowledge of the hidden paths.
Welcome all who seek the secrets of the darklit trails.