Mistress of the Wilds, Lady of the Fey, Lady Centaur
Chaotic Good
The Roving Shrine

Followers of Uny are commonly summoners among humans and elves, few except for the shamen of the centaur and witchdoctors of other intelligent monsters follow her. Actually only a few human druids and rangers also tend towards this faith. The Grand Druid is the leader of this faith among humanity and holds a few annual collective meetings in the Roving Shrine, while the Eldest Shaman is the religious leader of the centaur and lives among his nomadic people. The fey owe limited allegiance to her, but few are dedicated to anything let alone religion. Uny and her followers protect the natural order, counting the slayers and Correll's druids among their closest allies. They also have a deep affinity to the elves. In fact, many of Uny's followers hail from Telnath or are of half-elven blood. The druids of nature keep to themselves and do little to advance the teachings of Uny, but her faith has remained strong since she is the embodiment of nature and the Lady Summoner. Among the intelligent monsters (unicorns, pegasus, lammasu, etc) she is held above the other gods of the good pantheon and derives much of her following from their numbers.