Priest Stalkers

Faith Stalkers

Unholy Stalkers
Followers of Arnak the Pious
Dread Stalker Dagrid Ilgin, The Unholy Fist

The Faith Stalkers are charged with executing contracts on the priests of the various faiths. All good, neutral and evil faiths are targets of these Stalkers. Those who are found worthy are placed in one of the secondary groups to combat a single well-established faith. The Unholy themselves are a secretive group within the Faith Stalkers, their overall plans are unknown, but they accept contracts for any priest with a price on their head or entire temples if their price is met.

The Unhealers
Stalker Master Vicrop

The Unhealers hunt the clerics of Caralith while they travel the realms healing the wounded. They have been known to wipe out whole temples to this power and have severely threatened the freedom of the clerics to roam the land and perform their merciful deeds.

The Mystic Bane
Stalker Master Rokash

The Seers of Serokal are the domain of the Seer-Stalkers, while the traveling Mystics are the targets of this Stalker Faith. Serokal's message is spread by these roaming mystics, who perform magic and teach the word of their Lord. These stalkers are charged with eliminating them and their influence among the common folk, in an equally dynamic manner.

Marn's Fear
Stalker Master Arlart

The Stalkers known are Marn's Bane are very formidable warriors. They are primarily charged with uncovering and executing the members of Marn's Band of the Moon. Her Infiltrators are the bane of the Stalkers, these Stalkers are their bane. The Moon-Stalkers also are dedicated to assisting the War-Stalkers charged with eliminating the Slayers. Both groups together seek to undo Marn's following in the human lands.