Master of Illusion, Mist-Traveler, Lord of the Unseen
Chaotic Neutral
The Gaseous Tower

The faith of Vaag (pronounced vague) is limited in the human lands, since the god is the patron of the Vaaga and Daaga, gypsy folk seen almost exclusively in the dwarven lands and subterranean realms. But he is also the patron of illusionists and is celebrated among them. His priests are known as Phantasts and travel the kingdom spreading the word of Vaag and performing illusions, much like Serokal's Mystics. Vaag's only predominance in the human lands is during the Festival of Mists. In the rural areas where the faiths of Lashall and Corell are predominant the Festival of Mists is ridiculed as toying with the other world when it is closest, but in the cities the Festival is celebrated with passion, as illusionists and Phantasts perform in every square and performers grace the streets. During the Festival of Mists, the Gaseous Tower in Saint Karn is doubly active, the entire City of Faiths abounds with revelers and celebrations, but none greater than the Vaguemyst Pilgrim's Show of Lights and the Phantastic Contest. As High Priest of Vaag, a tolerated faith in Saint Karn since it's alignment is neutral, the Vaguemyst Pilgrim holds a performance by the very best illusionists called the Show of Lights. After the performance is the Phantastic Contest, in which illusionists, phantasts and mages cast their best illusions into the misty tower where the illusion takes form. When the contest is complete and all competitors have finished, the Vaguemyst Pilgrim calls to Vaag to choose a victor. The Tower recreates the best illusion and the victor is granted a rare and expensive prize, generally an immense gem or powerful magical item, and the ability to utilize mist-travel for the year, until the next contest.