Ascender of Spirits, Master of the Valkyries
Lawful Neutral
The Grand Sepulcher

Although Lashall is the keeper of the dead, the spirits of those who have died are the realm of Vak. His valkyries are unseen beings that lead the spirit of the deceased to the realm of the power awaiting them. First the spirit is brought to the realm of Vak to await the calling of the representative of their god. The realm of Vak is called the Purge, where the spirit purges them self of living feelings and makes peace with their life. The valkyries are called by many names, depending upon the region, but the priests of Vak call them valkyries. The priests of Vak are of two varieties. The first are called Consecrators, they are in charge of blessing new sepulchers and maintaining the sanctity of standing crypts and graveyards. They are usually temple-bound living near the places of the dead. The other priests are called Releasers and travel the realm finding unclean or irate spirits and releasing them to find peace. All believe in Vak and hope to be transported by the valkyries, but other that at funeral proceedings, few actually pray to the Ascender. The Grand Sepulcher sees many pilgrims every year who wish to know if their loved ones have reached their final rest. The Ascendant, Vak's High Priest, sees few of these visitors allowing many to find their own peace, but if the descendants of the spirit can alter or speed the Purge they are granted an audience with the Ascendant who acts as a medium to the Purge and allows the spirit to communicate it's needs to their descendants.