The Demonic, Fiery Lord of the Hells, Fiend Master, Abyssal Guard
Chaotic Evil
The Hellish Fort

Xinomud (pronounced skee-no-mud) is the power of demonology and was assigned by Shade to oversee the abyssal armies of demons. He is also considered the power in charge of conjuring demons and contacting denizens of the lower planes. His High Temple is the Hellish Fort hidden in a pocket dimension that only opens to the Darken Door in Shadespride and the Shadow Portal in the Black Tower. His temple priests, called Demonics, consult the lower planes and assist demons currently ravaging the world, as directed by Xinomud through his high priest, the Fiendist. His traveling priests are called Demonologists and are almost all mage/priests. They don't necessarily travel anywhere. In fact, most Demonologists have towers where they study the lower planes and perform the rites of Xinomud, which involve sacrifices and soul-draining of not only innocents, but also prospective students, other wizards, and priests of both good and evil faiths. Their Towers also contain gates to the Abyss and to each level of the Demon Hells, one of the only ways to reach these places without first giving your soul over to the dark powers.