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First Year Classes

Wizard Weapons: The weapons of a wizard are easily learned, but difficult to master. In this course we begin by introducing the common weapons of the mage: Staves, Daggers, and Slings. Another weapon unique to wizards discussed in this course is wands, though wand training is a second year class, basic defensive maneuvers is also introduced. The course covers basic defenses and attacks and is to classify the students weapons of choice and their ability with more difficult arms.

Spellcraft: The understanding of the cosmic energies that make up a wizard's arsenal of spells takes not only study, but familiarity with the arcane powers one is working with to create them. In the beginners course of magic, simple spells and reading the magical "recipes" that make up scrolls and spellbooks is introduced and practiced. Simple cantrips and common spells are taught and student aptitude assessed in this first year course. Reading magic takes just as much practice and natural skill as the casting of magics and strengths andweaknesses on these subjects are also identified.

Monster Lore: To defeat an enemy one must understand their adversary, to this end, common monsters, their tactics, and special abilities are introduced and discussed through the course of the class. In more advanced classes the students must undertake to find and defeat a member of the race by the instructor, but at the start of the training the basics simply cover common monsters of varying habitats and the tactics used by intelligent and semi-intelligent races.

This room was constructed under the watchful eyes of a master wizard....beware of any hex or jinx within!!!