The Berserks

The Berserk Warriors

About Lief

Welcome to The Berserks!

You have chosen to join a guild of outstanding prestige and a long standing history of honor and strength. You will learn to unleash the beast within yourself to aid your allies and to defend your homeland. You will gain; superior skill with weapons few warriors ever master. Melee awaits.

A true warrior must find his way through the world with honor, without honor there is no point to life. Many have chosen to follow the path of the Berserk, but few have the stamina to continue when no hope remains. The powers of a Berserk are strong and not easily learned. To join the Berserks is the first step in a long journey to heroic greatness.

The ancestors of our members are well-known heroes the northern folk. We hope to follow in their glorious path some of these legends are available Here

Lief the Skullsplitter's Berserk Warriors, welcome to your new life.