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About Lief

Lief the Skullsplitter Thyornnson

This coarse looking norse berserker appears fearsome even when he is calm. His deeply tanned and creased skin has an almost green tinge to it. Red rimmed eyes and an eternal scowl put many people off, but the heart, and infrequently seen personality, of Lief the Skullsplitter is truly good. He wears runed platemail armor with matching steel boots and helm which sports two horns like that of a buffalo. On the knees, shoulders, elbows and forearms of the armor is a constant frost, even in the heat of summer. From these patches of frost he is able to cause ice spikes to grow when enraged. He walks with a cool confidence, and talks in a very self assured manner. Around his waist is belted three bastard swords and two 2-handed swords, each of norse make, each of differing manufacture, but all are well kept and easily within reach. Around his neck hangs a thin silver necklace with a pendant shaped as a double-headed axe made of pure platinum and a steel horn with norse runes and carvings on a leather cord.

All other adornments, other than the few rings hidden under his steel greaves and his ever-present wineskins and parchment case, he foregoes. Lief is charged with the protection of Teleri, the Bard of Edgewood, and takes that job very seriously, separating from her only on her express command and never for long. Many legends of the silver axe pendant he wears have surfaced over the centuries including the myth of the True King of the North being protected by the powers of the pendant as he fights for supremacy over the rule of Paran. Lief has no blood relation to any previous King, a requirement of achieving the status of King, which is not how prophecy describes the True King, who is said to be a direct descendant of the First King of the North.

Lief the Skullsplitter's Berserk Warriors, welcome to your new life.