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Fuklin Looknfin'der

Mistress Fuklin Looknfinder

Her Mission
She looks to amass a fortune not only through her own less than honest enterprises, but by creating the most powerful thieves guild in the realm. There is no limit to the tasks she will undertake to achieve this goal. There is no limit to the number of members her guild may hold, so long as her power over it is questioned.

Her History
As one of the Looknfiin'der sylvan elves of Edgewood, Fuklin, a young elven female looks out of place in the human lands, but acts more human than elvish. Fuklin seems to care less for the woods and nature, instead caring more for wealth and personal gain. It is obvious in her clothes and adornments, she wears the silken finery of nobility, several valuable rings and necklaces, along with other jewelry. The colors she wears are predominately reds and blues, accenting her golden hair and bright blue eyes. An elven longsword hides inside the folds of her loose fitting clothes. She also has several daggers scattered on her belt, in her cloak and hidden in her clothes. Her bow, nearly the same height as her, is her only obvious weapon. Although she is clearly elvish, her walk, speech and attitude are distinctly human. She carried twin half-elven children, who now are under the tutelage of the Bard of Edgewood, but bears little concern for them, considering herself too young and free to worry over the raising of small children. They do know who their mother is and see her often but look to Teleri to rear and lead them. Fuklin concerns herself little about the impurity of their blood having none of the same compunctions of the other wood elves of her tribe.

Many work to achieve greatness. Why? The answer is because they were too stupid to do it dishonestly.