The Wolves

The Woodland Wolfpack


The Wolves of Edgewood are a guild of multitalented individuals, that work together to master battle strategy, fighting techniques, uncommon magic, and knowledge of nature. Led by Mike "The Longshot" ThisyasKyn, The Woodland Wolves are able to bring devastation to their enemies, while bringing honor to their names. Rich in knowledge and wealth, the Wolves have yet to feel defeat.

Skilled in bowcraft, wizardry, sword-play, and strategy, Master ThisyasKyn is a well rounded teacher.
Able to hunt, fight, enspell, and entrance, he is a dangerous foe and a valuable friend.
To learn his ways is to travel the path of the few, but such dedication has it's rewards.

Of the Instructors at Scatterwalk Academy, Master Longshot is the most adaptable and multitalented.
To have chosen him as your Master is to wish for eternal options. Welcome to the Wolfpack.

Please get in touch with Master Thisyaskyn for additional information.
If you are not a member, you may go to: Scatterwalk Applications

Study these lessons well and you may become a Leader of the Pack..