The Wolves

History of the Wolfpack


Master Mike Thisyaskyn
Mike ThisyasKyn of the Voda tribes is a young, well-muscled wood giant. His bravery and warcraft are unquestioned, but his naivety often gets him into trouble. Though handsome for a voadkyn, his oddly shaped head and overlong arms gives him a strange look. He wears a cap to cover his large bald scalp all the times, it one of few ways to recognize him when he shifts forms to a human, half-elf, elf, halfling or gnome. Mike feels that most people prefer to relate to others of their own kind and uses his polymorph ability to make others more comfortable.

He always carries a quarterstaff and two longswords in every form, though the staff is really an unstrung longbow. He also carries various daggers and knives, scattered across his uniquely dyed clothes. The clothes he wears are dyed in mottled patterns of greens and browns that allow him to disappear into any forest terrain. Mike is able to use his sword and bow with obvious skill, but uses his long daggers when he is mixing spells with combat. He calls himself a bow-mage and has several spells that enhance his abilities with his favorite weapon, the ten foot tall giant bow which fires five-foot long arrows. His gait is quick but silent, even on dried leaves in his natural form, as are most his movements. He is kind and gentle though he walks with undisguised arrogance.

At his heels walk several green-skinned wolves, over his shoulder hovers a snake of dazzling colors flying on feathered wings. He seems to ignore his following, but in truth knows their exact position and mood. He has tired of his lone existence and desires more than the company of his beloved creatures, though they have patiently followed all across the continent. He seeks to lead skilled adventurers in combat and teach the lore of ancient magicks.

Study these lessons well and you may become a Leader of the Pack..