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Askilin's Necromantix


"The end of a mortal life comes in a short span, but eternity is my offering to those who would follow the Path of the Necrolic. To be a follower of the Eternal Night is to join the ranks of immortality."
                          Quote from the Book of Night

Welcome fledgling necromancers and necrolics! Your journey has begun.

Lord Askilin, The Flaming Skull, is a powerful and demanding Lord. His tasks and tests are arduous, but are a cheap price to pay for the eternal life and limitless power He offers His faithful. The Undead Lord is undoubtedly the most cold and distant Lord a young necrophyte like yourself could ever follow, but to advance in his ranks is to find true strength and influence.

You have chosen wisely in making Him your patron, choose to serve him well or join the ranks of mindless zombies and skeletons that make up His army and realize your soul will endure unending pain in His realm. There is no mercy in His heart and no room for failure among his clergy. If you are not a priest, fear not, but heed this warning. Necromancers are many, old necromancers are few. To cast the wizardly magicks of necromancy is have drawn the attention of the Undead Lord.

Death is but a journey... See that you are not left behind, nor leave unprepared.

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