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Wraithfist Necrolic Ezabel Ystudfach

Mistress Ezabel Ystudfach

Ezabel, a young priestess of Askilin, resembles the human tribes of the Vaaga with dark brown hair, arched brows, almost sunken features, and very pale skin, but is no relation. Only her red pupils and blood red lips prove her to be as alive as the bloodhawk that remains on her shoulder at all times. She wears the symbol of the Skeletal Visage openly among the good inhabitants of the region. Her black robes are adorned with runes and symbols that pronounce her high rank of Wraithfist Necrolic. Her features and obvious faith aside, she would appear as a common priestess with ever-present staff, if not for the two warhammers, broadsword and scimitar strapped to her side, and the fact that she walks with the air of royalty. If one looks close they will see her delicate hands each have several gem-encrusted rings, a nightstone pendant decorates her neck and beneath her robes, a breast plate of dark dragon scale and nearly full body suit of silvered chain protects her. The Necrolic of Askilin seeks fresh young souls to teach her powers of necromancy and to regain some of her lost vibrance. To serve the Undead Lord is to slowly assume the characteristics of the dead, only by close proximity to living and lively flesh can His servants ever hope to stave off their own descent into undeath.

Death is but a journey... See that you are not left behind, nor leave unprepared.